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Neighbors Of Raleigh

Jul 29, 2017

You may have seen Staci walking her adorable dog around the neighborhood, or greeting you at Active Chiropractic. Perhaps you have taken an art class from her at Sertoma Arts Center or bought a ring from her business, Juniper Bay Metals, at one of the Triangle's maker markets. In case you haven't met Staci yet, you are in for a treat. She is a thoughtful, brave, musical gal who is all about the process. Our conversation covers: 

  • "Artist" as a type of person
  • Growing up in rural Hyde Co.- Pungo River - Pamlico River
  • The Community in coastal Eastern NC
  • Introduction to playing music 
  • Importance of Voice
  • Job progressions- Jewelry Store, Waitressing, Teaching, Parks & Rec
  • Stay-at-home sabatical
  • Steps to setting up her own studio
  • Putting her own heart into creations
  • Joys in life
  • Advice to younger self
  • Who I watch 
  • Progress & Process. 


Check out her work & shop:

Check out the videos on her FB page to see her making jewlery!